Celebrating the festival of light at the Women Empowerment Center

Tihar which is also known as the festival of lights is just around the corner and women from Women Empowerment Center aren’t in the mood to let it go. The Tihar festival falls in the spring season, which is also the main tourist season for a foreigner to visit Nepal. The days get clearer after the monsoon and people are in a festive mood. If you want to volunteer and travel, Nepal then this is the best time to visit Nepal as you can do the trekking and enjoy the festival at the same time.

Women from the women’s center celebrated the festival by playing (traditional songs that are song during Tihar), made (art form created on the floor using different colors, white flour, and petals) and eating (ring-shaped rice doughnut). They also showed the cooking skills they learned at home while making Selroti.  Women center is the place to learn, empower themselves and share their feelings. Women Center is helping to boost confidence in them through the means of education.

We don’t have the age limit to enroll at the Women Center, age is only the number, if you have the desire to come out of ignorance and illiteracy then you are most welcome join our Women’s Empowerment Center.

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