Finding yourself in Pokhara

Every day here is yet another intense episode of emotional ups and downs. So now for the story. When I came to Nepal it was of the utmost importance that I practiced meditation whilst here and go on my own journey. So here I am, I go up to a small Buddhist enclave for a drop-in session no one was there. But to my amazement, I met four lovely Germans who were after the same thing as me. They invited me along we found the place.

At first, my brain was saying this is silly, this is ridiculous. There was a chanting breathing exercise whilst seated cross-legged. I can’t say that did it for me particularly. When we went for a lie-down position everything changed. I felt my heart rate slow and my breathing deepen. But alas, after about 30 minutes it brought a few painful things to the surface I wasn’t thinking or particularly wanting to face. At first, I was deterred, but not now. There is relaxation at 4 pm so I will continue to give it a go.

Pokhara is just a stunning place. It is very tranquil and peaceful. I like it, I just enjoy roaming down the streets going into shops seeing all the lovely handmade crafts. I feel at peace here.

I can see why it’s so popular, it has clubs great places to eat and I was at the foot of the Himalayas. Next up is Tuesday, if the torrential downpour stops I will be going on a balloon. A silly dream I know, I have wanted to go up for a long, alas the weather isn’t looking promising.

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