Making A Difference Through Tourism

Tour and Trekking Nepal: Making A Difference Through Tourism, Tour and Trekking Nepal want to make a difference through tourism.
Today, Nepal remains one of the least developed countries in the world. Poverty here is complex and deeply entrenched in society – it will take time and effort to change. But change is what Tour and Trekking Nepal aims to do.

Based on the communities we work in, Tour and Trekking Nepal operate responsible, sustainable tours and treks throughout Nepal. Every tour allows you to make a difference with your time, money, and effort. By choosing a tour with us, you are supporting the women and children of Nepal in their education and development, ensuring a better future and a stronger society. Traditional Nepali society has a long history of caste discrimination and social marginalization, which causes immense disparities within a society that’s struggling in so many other ways.

Of the estimated six million children aged 5-14 in Nepal, nearly 20% have never enrolled in school. Of those who enrol, 15% drop out every year due to poor school facilities, poverty and hunger. These education problems result in over 40% of the Nepali population is illiterate.

Compounding the existing problems, Nepal endured a decade of political insurgency from 1996 to 2006, during which children and women became even more vulnerable to abuse, exploitation, separation and illegal detention.

These problems are not insurmountable though, rather they spur organizations such as Tour and Trekking Nepal to work harder and find methods and solutions that will bring real change to Nepal and the Nepali people. Tour and Trekking Nepal are different from many other tour and trekking companies in Nepal because of our mission: throughout our work, our underlying goal is to provide philanthropic and humanitarian aid to Nepali communities. Since we are entirely Nepali-owned and run, we know where aid is most needed and useful.

To fulfil this mission, we inject a sizeable percentage of our profits into different humanitarian projects in Nepal. Your participation in our trekking, volunteering and travelling tours boosts our ability to continue this important work and to make a difference in Nepal.

As a responsible tour service, we care about maintaining the environment, its people and culture. We offer services that are ethical and sustainable, but also include opportunities for travelers to use their time and money to make a difference.

Help Our Volunteer Society Nepal Cause.
VSN is proud to have established its own projects such as the Sushila Care Center (an orphanage), Orphaned Children Rescue Center, CBIA School, Disability Center, and a Women’s Center by utilizing the profit that we have made from our tour and trekking programs, combined with fees from our volunteers.

Through our projects, we have been able to provide support to hundreds of underprivileged children and women. However, the costs for these projects are ongoing. Volunteer Society Treks Nepal aims to sustain these projects and more using the profits gained from our tour and trek services, with extra support from volunteering fees and generous donations. By choosing a tour with us, you are supporting the women and children of Nepal in their education and development, ensuring a better future and a stronger society. Please visit our official Volunteer Society Nepal website for more information about our projects and how you can get involved.

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