Manaslu Tsum Valley Trek

Key Information:

Price:1955 Euro
Duration:23 Days
Group Size:2 - 10 People
Attractions:Tsum Valley, Manaslu Himal
Departure City:Kathmandu
Meals:All meals included
Maximum Altitude:6000 meters
Transportation:Tourist Bus/Jeep
Arrival City:Kathmandu

About Manaslu Tsum Valley Trek:

Manaslu Tsum Valley Trek explores the remote northern part of Nepal and shows you the hidden and exotic Tsum Valley, which is a habitat of numerous species of flora and fauna. Manaslu Tsum Valley Trek is one of the less-visited trekking trails in the Himalayas. The remoteness and limited availability of tourist infrastructures have kept the overflow of tourists away from the region. Manaslu Tsum Valley Trek trail is adventurous and offers an off-the-beaten trekking experience. All of the above factors have played a huge role in keeping the entire region unspoiled and preserved.

Manaslu Tsum Valley Trek is a stunning Himalayan adventure that takes trekkers through the remote and culturally rich Tsum Valley in Nepal. Manaslu Tsum Valley Trek is a unique trek, often referred to as the “Hidden Valley” trek, that offers a remarkable blend of natural beauty and cultural exploration. The region that was once a part of Tibet has a radically distinct appearance from other locations. The Tsumbas, also known as the residents of Tsum Valley, are of Tibetan descent and have their unique ancient dialect, art, culture, and religion. Manaslu Tsum Valley Trek is the high and enigmatic valley, which once served as a crucial trading route between China and Tibet, and has only been reached by a select few daring adventurers. We first trek the conventional Manaslu route, followed by other trekking trails, and then move towards the more unique Trail of Manaslu Tsum Valley Trek.

Manaslu Tsum Valley was once a distinct geographical region known as “Tsum Tso Chuksum,” which refers to the region governed by the thirteen provinces. Many of the Tsum Kingdom’s remnants can still be found in the secluded valley, which has largely escaped infrastructure and urbanization. Thus, the valley’s native culture is still there and unaltered.

Manaslu Tsum Valley Trek Highlights:

  • A scenic drive from Kathmandu through the typical Nepali villages
  • Explore the Manaslu region’s secret valleys and less-traveled trails
  • Discover the intriguing hiking trails in the remote Tsum Valley
  • Unforgettable Views of Mt. Manaslu, Simrang, Hiunchuli, Ngadi Chuli, Ganesh Himal, Larkye Peak, and others
  • Cross the popular Larkye Pass
  • Enjoy the thrilling journey via raging rivers and waterfalls, difficult rocky terrain, ethnic communities, towering suspension bridges, ancient monasteries, Mani walls, chortens, and other Buddhist shrines
  • Learn more about the Mu Gompa, Rachen Gompa, and Ribung Monastery


Day 01: Arrival in Kathmandu:

Upon our arrival at the Tribhuwan International Airport (TIA) in Kathmandu, we will be greeted by a representative from Tour and Trekking Nepal who will drop us off at our hotel. After checking in, we take a rest or visit HTour and Trekking Nepal’s office. We may also stroll in the streets of Thamel, a tourist hub in Kathmandu for some souvenir shopping. In the evening, there will be a welcome dinner hosted by Tour and Trekking Nepal. For dinner, you will be served excellent Nepalese cuisine which will introduce you to the country’s authentic food culture. Overnight in Kathmandu.

Day 02: Kathmandu: Sightseeing and Trek Preparation:

We start a guided tour of several of the most historical and spiritual attractions in Kathmandu. Some of these landmarks including the historic Durbar Square, the sacred Hindu temple of Pashupatinath, the famous ‘Monkey Temple’ (Swayambhunath) and the Buddhist shrine (Bouddhanath) which is one of the largest stupas in the world are listed as the UNESCO World Heritage Sites. There will be a brief pre-trip group discussion followed by trek preparation in the late afternoon at Tour and Trekking Nepal’s office in Thamel around noon. Overnight in Kathmandu.

Day 03: Drive from Kathmandu to Soti Khola Trek:

We travel from Kathmandu to Arughat through Dhadingbesi, the administrative headquarters for the Dhading district, on a 7-hour trip across the western Himalayas. Arughat, a significant town in the area, is split into two halves by the Budhi Gandaki River, which flows between them as we go through the dirt road from Dhadingbesi while admiring the verdant hills. We continue to Soti Khola, where our adventure for the trek begins. It is a seven-hour drive. We spend the night in a trekking lodge at Soti Khola. Overnight stay at the campsite at Soti Khola. Overnight stay in Soti Khola. Meals: Breakfast, Lunch and Dinner.

Day 04: Soti Khola to Machha Khola Trek:

Cross the bridge and trek through the beautiful Sal forests, then climb onto a ridge above huge rapids on the Budhi Gandaki. The rocky trail then weaves its way up and down, past two tropical waterfalls on a steep, rocky trail clinging to the side of a cliff. It eventually makes its way down and past a few rice terraces, then up and around to the Gurung village of Labubesi. Climb behind a rocky outcrop, where the valley opens and the Budhi Gandaki meanders among wide gravel bars. Drop to the sandy river bed and walk along rounded stones before climbing over a side ridge. Head down again to the river and traverse to Machha Khola village. Overnight stay in Machha Khola. Meals: Breakfast, Lunch and Dinner.

Day 05: Machha Khola to Jagat Trek:

The narrow trail makes some minor ups and downs and eventually crosses the Tharo Khola, flowing in a rocky ravine, then reaches Khorlabesi. After a few more ups and downs there is a small trailside hotspring, from where we reach to Tatopani. From the Hot spring we climb over another ridge, then cross the Budhi Gandaki on a suspension bridge. Climb on a wide, well-crafted staircase, then across a landslide and over a ridge to Dobhan. Crossing a suspension bridge over the Dobhan Khola, the trail climbs on a rugged trail to Duman. Ascending up again to the Budhi Gandaki, we reach Yaru Khola. Crossing a suspension bridge over the Yaru Khola we climb the stone stairs and then drop to the river and again climb more stone stairs to Tharo Bharyang. Cross to the west bank of the Budhi Gandaki, climb over a ridge, trek along the river then climb towards the village of Jagat. Overnight stay in Jagat. Meals: Breakfast, Lunch and Dinner.

Day 06: Jagat to Lokpa Trek:

You complete the ACAP entry processes at Jagat and then we ascend to Salleri along a rugged slope before descending to Sirdibas. As the trail ascends to Ghatta Khola, the valley slightly opens. Upstream you will reach a lengthy, straightforward hanging bridge. Ascend to the big Gurung settlement of Philim. The school and police station in Philim. These were built by the Japanese people. We approach Lokpa by going up north from Gum Pul after passing Philim to the north through a forest with views of the valley’s enlarging. You have gained quite a bit of altitude in a seven-hour journey. We have our lunch at Ekle Bhatti. Overnight stay in Lokpa. Meals: Breakfast, Lunch and Dinner.

Day 07: Lokpa to Chumling Trek:

After Ekle Bhatti crosses the gorge and half an hour walk on the right side we get to see the big and beautiful waterfall and enter the pine tree forests. Descend down to trail going to the Tsum Valley. Climb through pine and rhododendron forests. Enjoy the views of the Himalchuli mountains at 7893m and Boudha Himal from Lokpa, a small beautiful village. Pass Lokpa, descend half an hour towards Lungwa Khola and climb the jack difficult trail further two hours north through pines and rhododendrons we reach Gumlung. Crossing the Siyar Khola, finally arrive at Chumling, from where we can view Shringi Himal. Visit the old Chumling Gompa and the stone streets of the village. Overnight stay in Chumling. Meals: Breakfast, Lunch and Dinner.

Day 08: Chumling to Chokhang Paro Trek:

Cross the suspension bridge onto the opposite bank. Enjoy the great views of Ganesh Himal. Walk past Rainjam to Serpu Khola crossing another bridge we arrive at the Gho Village. Another continues 2 hour’s climb to Tsum takes us to the village of Chhokangparo. Weather permitting; enjoy the views of Himalchuli at 7893 meters and Ganesh Himal at 7140 m. Overnight at Chokhangparo. Overnight stay in Chokhang Paro. Meals: Breakfast, Lunch and Dinner.

Day 09: Chokhang Paro to Nile Trek:

While climbing above Chokhangparo, better to be careful of altitude problems. Walk past Lamagaon crossing rope suspension bridge to the Rachen Gompa, which is also well known as Nunnery Gompa. We make a small visit and then we cross the Shiar Khola. Continue walking through the well-managed villages of Lar (micro hydro power), Phurbe and Pangdun. Leaving the old historic Stupa of Bhudda on a way crossing the village of Chhule, climb upstream and cross the bridge to finally arrive at the Nile. If you consider we can make your visit to the famous monastery of Chhule which is located at the top of the area. Overnight stay in Nile. Meals: Breakfast, Lunch and Dinner.

Day 10: Nile to Mu Gompa Trek:

We are now almost close to the Tibetan border. Walk to the west bank of the valley through the Tibetan landscapes. Climb up to the Mu Gompa. We also visit the monastery. Then after, we make a visit to the Dhephu Doma Gompa. Overnight stay in Mu Gompa. Meals: Breakfast, Lunch and Dinner.

Day 11: Mu Gompa to Chumling Trek:

We start our journey to return to Chumling again. We hike early in the morning. You’ll walk for about 8-9 hours total. You will retrace your steps and arrive at Chumling for an overnight stay after passing through Rachen Gompa. We have our lunch at Kowo. Overnight stay in Chumling. Meals: Breakfast, Lunch and Dinner.

Day 12: Chumling to Deng Trek:

We will journey through subtropical forests, tiny towns, and rivers after leaving Chumling. We will descend the Sirdibas and arrive at Salleri along the route. From this point, we will hike until we reach Ghatta Khola and then keep hiking till we get to a suspension bridge. To get to Philim, we shall cross the bridge. By continuing our trip to the north, we will eventually arrive at Ekle Bhatti and descend to a grassy slope. Then, on our way to Deng, we’ll cross the Budhi Gandaki River a few times and proceed through bamboo groves. It is a 6-hour lunch journey. We have our lunch at Nyak Phedi. Overnight stay in Deng. Meals: Breakfast, Lunch and Dinner.

Day 13: Deng to Namrung Trek:

We will pass Budi Gandaki numerous more times today. We will have the chance to witness a stunning mountain vista as well as other ancient gompas along the journey. You will eventually reach a suspension bridge across a river where you can observe the Budhi Gandaki squeezed beneath a naturally occurring stone arch. After that, Namrung is reached after a steady ascent up a magnificent stone stairway. It is a hike of 8 hours. We have our lunch at Ghap. Overnight stay in Namrung. Meals: Breakfast, Lunch and Dinner.

Day 14: Namrung to Lho Trek:

Today is a relatively easy half-day hike to Lho before Sho, which is known for its apples, with stunning views of Himalchuli at the summit of Hinang Glacier. You’ll go up to the impressive-looking Ribung Monastery in the late afternoon and ascend the slope behind it to get a clear glimpse of the Manaslu Massif. If there is more time you can alternatively take a short stroll from the hotel to a well-liked viewing location next to Ribung Monastery. The sunrise seems majestic from there. It is a short 4 to 5 hours journey today and you have your lunch at Lho. You also have a resting night at Lho, which is well deserved. Overnight stay in Lho Trek. Meals: Breakfast, Lunch and Dinner.

Day 15: Lho to Sama Gaon Trek:

You will take an easy half-day hike to Samagaon, where you can capture another iconic image of Manaslu with a chorten in front of it near Lho. You’ll then stop for tea in Shyala, a quaint village with stunning views of Himalchuli, Nadi Chuli, Manaslu, Naike Peak, Larkya Peak, Samdo, and Saula Himal. You will travel an hour or so by foot from Sama to Birendra Tal in the afternoon. It is a short 5-hour journey. You have your lunch at Sama Gaon and have the rest of the day to yourself. Likewise, you also have an overnight stay at Sama Gaon. Overnight stay in Sama Gaon. Meals: Breakfast, Lunch and Dinner.

Day 16: Acclimatization Day at Sama Gaon:

With the ascends and descends, you must have an acclimatization day so that you can adjust to the changing altitude. A free day is included to aid in acclimatization, and the elevation of 3,550 m is ideal for a quick local hike. Hiking is the best way to acclimate! You can enjoy a day hike to Manaslu Base Camp.

There are other alternatives such as hikes to Birendra Tal, a long full-day journey that takes more than 6 hours each way. The rest day can also be enjoyed by taking a stroll through the village and stopping by the historic Pungyen Gompa.

Day 17: Sama Gaon to Samdo Trek:

We will descend to the Budhi Gandaki River and follow it to a bridge over a side stream after breakfast in Sama Gaon. As the valley widens, we’ll cross a number more mani walls. This route brings you near the Tibetan border and offers stunning mountain vistas. Climb steeply onto a point between two forks of the river after descending and using a wooden bridge to cross the Budhi Gandaki. We’ll reach a stone archway and keep going until we finally reach Samdo village. We have our lunch at Samdo. It has been a 4 hours journey to Samdo, and the rest of the day is for you to do as you please. Overnight stay in Samdo. Meals: Breakfast, Lunch and Dinner.

Day 18: Samdo to Dharamasala Trek:

We will pass the Larke Bazaar, a temporary Tibetan bazaar, after breakfast in Samdo before descending to the Budi Gandaki River. As you begin your ascent and cross two streams while seeing the Larkya Glacier, cross the wooden bridge. To reach Dharamsala, often referred to as Larke Phedi, we will turn around and travel through the Salka Khola Valley. We’ll pass through numerous old-style monasteries along the way. It is a 4-hour long journey. Overnight stay in Dharamasala. Meals: Breakfast, Lunch and Dinner.

Day 19: Dharmasala to Bimthang via Larkya Pass Trek:

Prayer flags will be flying in the wind as you make your way towards Bhimtang via the rugged, rocky trail, past the glacier moraine, and with beautiful views of the sunrise on Larke Peak. After a little ascent, we arrive at a valley on the Larkya Glaciers’ northern flank, from which we have stunning views of Cho Danda and Larkya Peak. Last but not least, we traverse glacial moraines as we ascend gradually to the final stretch of the Larkya pass. From Bhimtang, you can see the Manaslu sunset as well as Phungi Himal, Nadi Chuli, and Cheo Himal. Kang Guru, Himlung, and Ponkar Peak. It has been a long journey of 8 hours. We have our lunch at Phedi. Overnight stay in Bimthang. Meals: Breakfast, Lunch and Dinner.

Day 20: Bimthang to Dharapani Trek:

The trail now continues to descend to Dharapani. On your journey, you will travel through extensive forests, cross rivers, and pass several settlements. The lovely village of Thonje is finally reached when you cross the Dudh River. You reach Dharapani, where your trek comes to a close, after passing through Mani’s prayer flag and wall. It has been a journey of 7 hours. You have your lunch at Surke. At Dharapani, have a fun or restful evening. Overnight stay in Dharapani. Meals: Breakfast, Lunch and Dinner.

Day 21: Dharapani to Jagat Trek:

Today is the last day of your trekking in the Himalayas. It is going to be a hike of around 5 hours from Dharapani to Jagat. The trail is relatively easy and it descends towards Jagat. You have your lunch upon reaching Jagat and rest for the day. Overnight stay in Jagat. Meals: Breakfast, Lunch and Dinner.

Day 22: Drive from Jagat to Kathmandu:

You have a scenic drive from Jagat as you leave behind the lush green forests and crystal blue skies. It is going to be 8 hours-long drive. You can pass the time gazing out of your window and admiring the Nepali Himalayas.

Day 23: Farewell friend and departure/Fly back Home:

Our journey in Nepal comes to an end today! A Tour and Trekking Nepal representative will drop us off at the airport approximately 3 hours before our scheduled flight. On our way to home, we have plenty of time to plan our next adventure in the wonderful country of Nepal.

Service Included

  • Free airport picks upon your arrival and a drop at the end of your trip
  • TIMS (Trekkers’ Information Management Systems)
  • Annapurna Conservation Area Project Permit. (ACAP Permit)
  • 2 nights accommodation in Pokhara.
  • All necessary ground transportation as per itinerary
  • Complete free trekking information before going to trek
  • Full Board (Breakfast, Lunch, and Dinner) during the trek
  • All nights in local teahouses/lodges during trekking
  • An experienced licensed holder Trekking Guide
  • Foods, transportation, accommodations and local tax for guide and porters
  • Medical first aid kit box ( which is carried by your team)
  • Down jacket, sleeping bag and all necessary trekking gears are available on a hire
  • Trekking Map

Service Excluded

  • Your travel insurance ( Travel insurance is compulsory to take an adventure trip and it must be covered both medical and emergency evacuation with a minimum cost of USD 100, 000.
  • Hot shower, WIFI, and any electronic battery charge only in trekking.
  • Bottled/alcoholic/cold drinks, room service, and cart meals.
  • Extra night accommodation or meals in Kathmandu because of early arrival, late departure and early return from trekking (due to any reason) than the scheduled itinerary.
  • Tips and gratitude to your guides, porters, and drivers
  • Nepal entry visa fees

Note: The above-mentioned program itinerary is a sample. The period and cost of tour, trekking, volunteering or internship can be changed or extended as per travellers or volunteers' availability of duration.

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